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Collective Worship

Our daily Collective worship is the heartbeat of our school where we gather together to think, praise and give thanks as we explore our school vision and the teachings of Jesus and the Bible.

We serve our community and are determined to effectively prepare pupils for life in the real world, supported in the belief of Christian love.

Our Collective Worship offer is inclusive of a variety of world views and offers further opportunity for reflection and contemplation. It is invitational, inclusive and inspiring.

We would like to invite our community to share in one of our daily collective worship sessions, so will post either our class spirituality or reflection worship on the website so that you can have the opportunity to experience the worship in your own time by yourself or with others.

Reflection Collective Worship

Reflection is important to allow pupils and staff to contemplate and grow spiritually, while considering their actions and thoughts and how they impact on themselves and others. We provide various opportunities for reflection and prayer through our daily Collective Worship.

Each week, the pupils will have the opportunity to reflect on the key messages and Bible verse that has been introduced to them. The reflection session will allow pupils the opportunity to consider how it may apply to them and encourage them to make positive changes that will enable them to be the best versions of themselves. They will also be encouraged to consider how they can use their voice to support others.


 ‘Spirituality is the space between the everyday and the extraordinary.’

Spiritualty is part of each and every member of TEAM Ipsley, whether they are a person of faith or none. For a person of faith, every aspect of spirituality will have a connection with their belief.

At its core, spiritual development should:

  • Enable all pupils and adults to grow and flourish
  • Provide opportunities to stop, think and question
  • Help make sense of the world in which we live and to understand our place within it

At Team Ipsley, spirituality is all about connections and the way we look at the world. We look at this in 4 ways:

  • Connections with yourself
  • Connections with others
  • Connections with beauty
  • Connections with ‘something greater than ourselves’

As part of our weekly worship, pupils will have the opportunity to develop spirituality in sessions that build on our worship focus for that week. We understand that, as we are all individuals, we will not all respond to the same things in the same way, therefore sessions will incorporate a range of stimuli throughout the year.

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