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We are a reading school

It is our aim to develop a love of reading within our pupils, empowering them to become confident, fluent readers in order to better access, understand and enjoy the world around them.

At Ipsley C of E Middle School, we aim to develop confident and fluent readers who are able to understand  age-appropriate texts across a wide range of different genres. In our KS2 Guided Reading lessons, pupils use engaging curriculum-linked texts each week to learn and apply different reading skills.

This progresses into KS3, where pupils have a specific timetabled weekly reading lesson linked to their wider learning. Here at Ipsley, reading is not limited to English lessons, with pupils exposed to high-quality texts across the curriculum. Success in reading has a direct effect on progress in all areas of the curriculum and is therefore crucial in developing children’s self-esteem, confidence and motivation. All pupils are challenged to achieve the best possible outcomes, with targeted support and intervention strategies in place to ensure all pupils are able to make strong progress.

To us, reading is not simply the decoding of marks on a page but an experience which involves the ability to read with understanding – to make meaning of the text themselves. If reading isn’t pleasurable or fulfilling, then children won’t choose to read, and they won’t get the practice they need to become fluent readers. Therefore, reading  at Ipsley aspires to develop a long-lasting love of reading in pupils which will continue well beyond their time with us.

All pupils at Ipsley have a weekly timetabled lesson in our wonderful , well-stocked library, where they are guided to embark on their own reading journeys by regularly checking out, discussing and quizzing on books they enjoy. In addition, each class in the school has a carefully selected class reader each term to further encourage reading for pleasure, with every classroom containing their own displays to celebrate reading. Reading at Ipsley extends beyond the pages of books, as school-paid SORA licences allow pupils to access online books (including audiobooks) outside of school free of charge.

What resources can I access to support my child?

  • Click here to learn how to access our e-Library, SORA.
  • Click here to see what Redditch Library have to offer.
  • Pupils of Ipsley can click here to access reading resources.

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